GyLL Concepts' objectives are to provide electronic modules which improve the safety or facilitate the practice of the cadio controled model. In this purpose, we worked out a certain number of products which we propose you to discover through these few pages.

As of today, our catalog consists of a series of electronic switches specifically designed for the use in the field of radio control. Their low consumption and their wide voltage range guarantee you an optimal functioning with batteries usually encountered on the receiver side of radio controled models, whether it is traditional 4 or 5 cells Nixx batteries, or the recent models which work with two Lipo/Life Lipo/Life's cells.
Thanks to their modular design, we propose you the choice of classical command element with lever or slider control, but also magnetic control for an improved user-friendliness

We also pursue developments of other products, so, visit us from time to time to discover our novelties.

If you wish, you can register on our site to obtain more information, and possibly receive messages presenting evolutions of existing products or arrival of new products. However such a recording is not necessary if you only wish to reach the documentation of products, this documentation being freely accessible.

If you are a retailer, do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.
If you are an end user, ask for our products to your usual retailer and communicate our address and coordinates if he does not yet distribute our products.

We thank you for your interest in our products, and be ssured we do everything we can so that these products get you satisfaction in the daily practice of your hobby.


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